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I don’t have a Luxembourgish passport. Can I nevertheless vote in local elections?

You can take part in local elections, even without a Luxembourgish passport, if:

  • You are on the electoral roll. For the election on October 8th 2017, you can still register before July 14th
  • You have lived in Luxembourg for at least 5 years, the moment you want to be put on the electoral roll.
  • You have reached the legal age of 18 at the latest on the day of the elections (October 8th 2017 in this case).
  • Your voting rights have not been revoked neither in Luxembourg nor in your home country.

What do I have to do to be put on the electoral roll?

You register at the administration of the “commune” you officially live in. In Luxembourg-City, contact the “Biergerzenter”:

44, Place Guillaume II / 2, rue Notre-Dame L-2090 Luxembourg

Tél. : (+352) 47 96 22 00
Fax : (+352) 26 2709 99

To do this, you need the following papers:

  • A valid document proving your identity

From the moment you are registered to vote, the same voting obligation applies to you as it does to all Luxembourgers. This applies until the moment you explicitly ask to be taken off the electoral roll again or until you no longer live in Luxembourg.

You will not lose your right to vote in your country of origin.

For further information, please see:

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