Our priorities

Living in our city. 100% committed to a people-friendly city.

Our City. This is where our homes are, where we work, where we live

There are around 115,000 of us living in the City. And 170,000 of us come to work here every day. We live in a city that is growing at a phenomenal rate.

Much faster than in any other European city. And it keeps growing, so that by the year 2030, we could number 165,000 residents, with 240,000 people working here.

Yet city housing has become unaffordable for most people, roads are inundated with traffic at peak times. And city neighbourhoods are suffering the consequences of too many construction sites.

Rapid growth brings with it important challenges. We need to face up to these challenges in a systematic manner if we want to have a city that works for us. Not just a city where we happen to be living right now, but a place where we really feel at home. A city where we live together as neighbours and with a real sense of community.

A people-friendly city does not happen on its own. It is an ambition that cannot be achieved with liberal “laisser faire” politics. Managing without clear objectives and direction won’t bring us forward. Nor will policies that focus only on the city centre with its emphasis on large office buildings. We need policies that put the emphasis also on residents, on our lives and our needs.

Our city needs above all, politicians who will work towards this goal rather than shy away from their responsibilities. Politicans who don’t just talk nicely around problems and look for excuses but who will devote all their time and energy to solving them. Politicans who don’t just manage but who come up with solutions.

Living in our city requires our 100% commitment to …

  • mobility that keeps us on the move.
  • a city that also provides homes for young people and young families.
  • a city that offers friendly neighbourhoods and attractive public spaces.
  • a city that guarantees assistance and safety for all of us.
  • a city with a dynamic and creative commercial environment.
  • a City Council that offers us new services and more public participation.

That‘s what the CSV candidates are standing for. For our city.

For better quality of life in our city. To make our city a great place to live!

Our 100% commitment to mobility that keeps us on the move.

Our city will be people-friendly when we can move around easily, safely and securely, and quickly when we need to. Nothing seems to move these days in our city, neither forwards nor backwards. The number of people who work in the city far exceeds the number of people who actually live here.

Bringing homes closer to jobs in the city thus avoiding traffic jams could greatly reduce stress levels in our daily lives. This is why CSV will step up the amount of housebuilding and, in particular, affordable housing in the city.

At the same time we will extend all forms of mobility wherever it makes sense to do so. We especially need wider pedestrian paths; a proper network of secure cycle lanes; bus lanes on all main roads and a new circular bus service around the city; new tram routes towards the west and east of the city; a new station/transit centre for the “Porte de Hollerich”; new road by-passes and other measures to discourage non-local traffic from cutting through residential neighbourhoods.

Our 100% commitment to a city that also provides homes for young people and young families.

Our city will be people-friendly if young adults and young families have the means to live in the city. With the CSV, the City Council would build many more affordable new homes, to be offered for sale or rented out.

New homes would be built mainly where large open spaces are still available in the city (Kirchberg and in the west of the city). Here, we would create new, environmentally friendly neighbourhoods with a more urbane and sustainable character, with all the necessary infrastructure and facilities.

At the same time we would ensure that the development of existing neighbourhoods is restricted inorder to maintain our quality of life.

Our 100% commitment to a city that offers friendly neighbourhoods and attractive public spaces.

Our city will be people-friendly when it provides the right framework for living together, when it has its own identity and a particular flair. When it is like no other city.

The CSV wants to make our green open spaces and other public spaces more attractive, cleaner, and more secure. The Petrusse valley and our large municipal parks will be further developed to provide more leisure activities such as children’s playgrounds, puppet shows, botanical gardens, open-air swimming pool, kiosks.

We also need to renovate public spaces in our neighbourhoods and involve local residents. All neighbourhoods need spaces, whether large or small, where we can meet, have fun and enjoy being together. Spaces where small local shops and cafés can thrive.

The list of streets, squares, buildings and houses that must be protected because of their architectural and historical interest needs to be systematically kept up to date according to clear and transparent criteria.

Our 100% commitment to a city thatguarantees assistance and safety for all of us.

Our city will be people-friendly when we aim for solidarity and mutual respect. Every one of us has a right to live their life in a dignified, autonomous and secure manner.

The CSV will further develop assistance for those of us who are in need and can no longer look after themselves. We will create smaller, decentralised day centres and care homes with intensive
and personalised support and a single contact and coordination point. We will engage with other large town councils in the country on how they can also offer services such as “Streetwork”, “Nuetsfoyer” and “Fixerstuff”. We will create “Quartiersstuffen” to provide social and cultural activities that will strengthen our experiences of living together.

The CSV will ensure that our personal and collective security is enhanced. In addition to increasing police presence in our neighbourhoods, we will ensure that in future the “Agents municipaux” have the power to deliver administrative penalty notices for breaches of municipal regulations. Police will be given the right to send off people for public disorder and breaching the peace.).

Our 100% commitment to a city with a dynamic and creative commercial environment.

Our city will be people-friendly when it can offer us all that we need for our daily lives. Our city must provide a wide variety of shops and services.

The CSV is committed to a dynamic commercial environment in our city. Not only in the city centre, but also in our neighbourhoods. To safeguard the future availability of small local businesses such as grocers, butchers, bakers and newsagents, the City Council would have a pre-emption right to acquire.

So that if a local business were to close, the Council could take over the contract or business to pass it on to another interested party.

To diversify the commercial environment, a coveredmarket would be built on the “Place du Théâtre”. Market stalls would be made available at reasonable rates, with priority given to innovative businesses

Our 100% commitment to a City council that offers us new services and more public participation.

Our city is people-friendly if it simplifies our lives and fosters community life. It is all the more so if it keeps listening to us, even in between elections..

With the CSV, new services will be developed and made available to residents, e.g. more intelligent and efficient mobility systems, roadworks coordination and recycling management. To ensure that they match real needs, these new services would be designed with the participation of residents, startups and businesses.

The HotCity Wi-fi network will be extended to cover the entire city. New technologies give us the means to increase direct democracy and direct contact with politicians and Council officials. Direct personal contact remains important. With this in mind, the opening times of the Bierger Center will be made more flexible.