Romain Diederich
48, Geography teacher
Romain Diederich
48 years

Geography teacher
Former Senior Adviser in the Ministry for Sustainable Development

President of the Limpertsberg "Syndicat d'Intérêts"
As a geographer specialized in spatial / urban development as well as mobility / transport I have taken since almost 30 years a great interest in our city. This deep interest as well as my past professional experience as First Government Advisor of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures and not least my work and my experience in the „Lampertsbierger Syndikat” (residents association of Limpertsperg) have leaded me to engage myself as a candidate for the CSV (Christian-Social Party) in Luxembourg-City for the municipal elections on the 8th of October.
I would like to fully commit myself to improve the catastrophic traffic and transport situation in the future, make the housing prices more affordable and rise again the quality of life in the residential neighborhoods.
New ideas, concepts and projects are sought after. We need another approach for the development of our city.
In order to live better in our city, a change in the city council in necessary.
That’s why you should choose the sympathetic, competent and dynamic CSV team / Vote list 3.