One team. One Objective. 100% committed to a people-friendly city.

It is now over six months since we, the CSV, took our seats in the City Council. That has in itself not yet led to many visible changes on the ground, but be assured they will come. For in October last year we made two major promises when we asked voters for their trust.

First, we are committed to creating a people-friendly city. A city that gives priority to people and the way we live together. A city where we don’t stand alongside one another as anonymous individuals, but where we live together as neighbours, in a community. A city where all aspects of quality of life take priority. We made this promise to you – to all our fellow citizens –  because we  also want to live in such a city with our families and friends.

Second, we are, as politicians, 100% committed to this objective.  A city like this does not happen on its own. Nor can it happen overnight. That was, and remains clear to us. Our objective requires active planning, not just managing and more of the same, particularly as regards major infrastructure projects. And we are now getting to grips with these major challenges.

We promised our wholehearted commitment to

  • mobility on the move
  • providing homes particularly for our young people and young families
  • lively neighbourhoods with attractive public spaces
  • more assistance and security
  • a dynamic and creative business environment.

This is what we, as part of the ruling majority, are aiming for, after 12 years in opposition. In 2023, we will make sure that our performance is measured against these objectives. We are not working just to present good results on paper after five years in office. We are working so that you can actually feel improvements in the quality of your day to day lives, and we will push for this with all our ability. In the City and on a national level. Not just the seven CSV representatives on the City Council but the entire CSV team.

Together we are 100% committed to a people-friendly City!