Troubled times for town centre stores

Claudine Konsbruck_portratOur city is changing fast and those who are suffering the most during this period are the shopkeepers and their sales staff in the areas around the old town and the railway station. I don’t mean the franchises of the global luxury brands that have substantial financial means;  it is our local businesses that are being adversely affected by these changes.

The numerous construction sites have been around for a couple of years now, and little seems to have been done to improve planning and coordination of the various sites. Access to the city remains excruciatingly difficult and is preventing shoppers from reaching the stores.

Take for instance the end of avenue Monterey, where all drivers are now forced to turn either towards boulevard Prince Henri or into avenue Marie-Thérèse thus barring  direct access into the town centre. The CSV hereby demands that a solution be found to reopen this major route to traffic.

In addition, many stores complain about the aggressive or inappropriate behaviour of certain beggars. Why not follow the example of several other municipalities in neighbouring countries that forbid begging in certain streets?

The social services of the city already offer a vast array of measures to support the disadvantaged, ranging from food to shelter; they need to step up their actions even more so that these people also get in touch with them.

Claudine Konsbruck
Member of the City council