Supply and demand

Martine MergenThe difference between a sense of security and actual security

The latest Police statistics show us that the crime rate has dropped. That is a fact. This drop does not translate, however, into an increased feeling of security among citizens, as they are more often confronted with situations that make them feel insecure or even threatened.

The origins of this feeling of insecurity lie in the city’s drug scene, be that prostitution for drugs or outright criminality arising from the need for drugs, or even only the junkie shooting up in front of a house entrance in broad daylight.

Since the turn of the century, the various health ministers have announced a heroin distribution program for heavy addicts. Unfortunately such a program never became reality, but it is the only way to break the vicious circle between criminal supply and medical demand and it would result in an improvement of the addict’s personal situation as well as a disappearance or at least substantial reduction of the drug prostitution and criminality. The government needs to take action!

It is the municipality’s duty to use all its influence to ensure such a program becomes a reality. And last, but not least, our capital city should not be left alone in shouldering the burden of the whole country’s population of drug addicts. “Abrigado” should also start operations in the south and north of Luxembourg.

Dr. Martine Mergen
Member of the City council
Member of Parliament