Rethinking mobility

Serge WilmesLuxembourg continues to grow at a fast pace. According to the city development plan (PAG: plan d’aménagement général), by 2030 our capital will have 150,000 residents as well as 210,000 commuters.

In light of the substantial discrepancy between the number of residents and jobs, an ambitious and coherent mobility concept should have been included in the drawing up of the new PAG.

For instance, aside from the creation of a national cycle network and the general widening of the pavements, it is proposed to increase the traffic on the route d’Arlon substantially via a new traffic management layout. A goal that can only be achieved by tearing down many buildings along the designated route!

On the other hand we have an urgent need for the new ring road, the « boulevard de Merl » that would finally relieve the « route de Longwy ». Nobody seems to know when construction of the planned road will finally begin, but according to the PAG it is supposed to be operational in 2020!

This is hardly a credible mobility concept that could carry the city through its future growth!

The CSV calls on the College of Aldermen on the city council to present in the next months a coherent, comprehensive proposal that takes into account the further development of the tramways, secure cycle lanes, more priority buslanes as well as further commuter parking spaces surrounding the city.

Now that would be rethinking mobility!

Serge Wilmes
Member of Parliament