Pedestrian “concept” for the city: Window-dressing and misunderstanding of the citizen’s needs

Maurice Bauer 169A couple of months ago, the new pedestrian concept was presented by the majority to the city council and the result is sobering. It is in fact a real disappointment.

Instead of developing a global concept, we can only see local construction measures alongside minor improvements such as traffic light control! We are far away from the original announcement that the city mobility concept would be overhauled entirely.

The CSV therefore demands that the entire pedestrian mobility concept of the city be thoroughly reviewed and that a global concept be developed in consultation with the respective local citizens associations and interest groups:

  • Ensuring respect of the needs of elderly pedestrians. It is a fact that the accessibility of the city has become quite cumbersome since the latest changes in the bus lines.
  • Setting down clear rules allowing an efficient and harmonious usage of the pedestrian and cycle lanes
  • Respecting the situation of the disabled in wheelchairs as well as the safety of baby prams
  • Testing possible danger zones on children’s routes to school as well as at street crossings. There are several locations where the duration of the green phase at traffic lights is by far not long enough (e.g. : Boulevard Royal)
  • Generally improving the lighting on zebra crossings as well as in the city parks.

Maurice Bauer
Member of the City council